Sea Safari " Mida Creek "

DURATION : 1 day


TREATMENT lunch of fish  fruit - EXCLUDED DRINKS


ITINERARY Safari seascape with boats in the Watamu Marine Park and Mida Creek Natural Reserve


INCLUDED IN THE PRICE:  Snorkeling equipment,  ticket to the marine park, insurance, transfer, lunch.


Departure from the hotel at 08:30 to arrive after about a half hour to ‘dock.


It starts to get to the Marine Park for snorkeling where you will be able to see all the variety of colorful fish.  Watamu Marine National Park, established in 1968, is home to coral gardens and over 600 species of fish and other sea creatures which makes it a wonderful place for snorkelling.

For those who did not want to get into the water you can, however, observe the fish from the boat through the bottom of the glass.


A sea safari to discover the wonders of the Indian Ocean . A comfortable ride on a boat with a glass bottom in the crystal clear waters of Watamu Marine Park, an area between the coast and the first Kenyan coral reef. Snorkeling at the Watamu Marine Park.


After snorkel you will embark and cruise to the discovery of Mida Creek, a protected area by the Government of Kenya, natural reserve thanks to its eco-system unique in the its kind. Mida Creek, East Africa's largest mangrove creek is one of the most productive mangrove ecosystems on earth.


The mangrove roots provide a rich source of nutrients for the fish, crabs, shrimp and oysters found in this area. Navigation proceeds along the creek in the Indian Ocean: areas of pure white sand, unique landscapes, herons, ospreys, mangroves and much more. Depending on the tides, you can stop to look for the starfish that, due to the particularity' of the area, are common and of different species: puffer fish, porcupine fish, and with a little luck the beautiful pink flamingos.


At the end of our tour we go on the Island South Island for lunch seafood (lobster, shrimp, fish, etc…).  After lunch we take a break during which you can take a ride with local canoes inside the channels where there are mangroves (price to be negotiated with the local boys) or resting or sunbathing.


Excursion recommended for the lovers of the sea, the calm and the beautiful landscapes. Mida Creek adventure will give you the possibility to discover a new "glimpse" of Africa and its inhabitants on the coast.


We recommend to quit stress and to bring along a lot of sunscreen



At the end of the day head back directly on the your hotel